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Dear Participants of EFRE2018 Congress!

Let us thank you once again for participating in the congress. Over 350 persons from 90 organizations and 13 countries gave their time and resources to attend and to contribute. You made EFRE2018 a success and it was a great pleasure to see so many of you here! We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to each of you who participated in EFRE2018 in Tomsk. Hopefully you enjoyed both the scientific part and the social program.

We bring to your attention a small selection of video clips with key moments of the event



It should also be noted that all the articles (in all previous designated journals) that you sent to the congress have already been submitted to the publisher. It is expected that this year all articles will be published and you can safely report on your projects. The output of "Izvestia vuzov, Fizika" you can find by clicking on the link . We will send you information about the JoP and IEEE articles immediately, as the relevant publisher will inform us.

Sincerely yours,
Local Organizing Committee


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