The Congress is an excellent opportunity to share new knowledge, demonstrate your progress and learn new trends in the fields of plasma beam technologies, material modification and coating deposition, technologies for pulsed power supply and intense electron and ion beams, luminescence and radiation studies, non-linear physicochemical processes under severe energetic impact, etc.

There are various sponsorship options available to organizations who would like to sponsor EFRE 2018 and thereby promote their products and activities.

We look forward to working with you and jointly ensuring that this congress contributes to the development of pulsed power technologies, plasma and particle beam sources, radiation-related and additive technologies, and other scientific and engineering applications.

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In case of the decision on sponsor support it is necessary to inform us by either a mail:

Institute of High Current Electronics,
2/3 Academicheskiy ave, Tomsk, 634055, Russia.

Or more preferably by e-mail:


Contact phone:

8-913-886-95-37 Dr. Maxim Vorobyov,
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

8-999-618-89-58 Valery Shklyaev,
Co-Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee.